Microfrontend Development

Empower your enterprise applications with scalable, maintainable, and efficient microfrontend architecture.
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Elevate your enterprise applications with microfrontends.

Microfrontend architecture is revolutionizing the way enterprise applications are built and maintained. By breaking down large, monolithic frontend applications into smaller, more manageable pieces, microfrontends make it easier for development teams to collaborate, iterate, and scale their applications over time.
Our Microfrontend Development Service specializes in helping enterprise clients leverage this powerful architecture to create modular, maintainable, and high-performing applications. With our deep expertise in frontend software engineering and dashboard development, we can help you transform your application landscape and drive business success.
What we do

Our Microfrontend Development Capabilities

To build robust microfrontend applications, we follow a comprehensive set of practices that include module composition, independent deployment, shared libraries, and cross-team collaboration.

Module composition

We decompose your frontend application into modular microfrontend components, allowing independent development, testing, and deployment of each module.

Independent deployment

We enable independent deployment of microfrontends, allowing teams to release updates and features without impacting the entire application.

Shared libraries

We develop shared libraries and design patterns to ensure consistency and code reuse across microfrontends, reducing duplication and improving development efficiency.

Integration and orchestration

We integrate and orchestrate microfrontends into a unified frontend application, providing seamless navigation, state management, and intercommunication between modules.

Cross-team collaboration

We facilitate collaboration between frontend development teams, ensuring alignment of architecture, standards, and best practices in building microfrontend applications.

Scalability and performance

We optimize the performance and scalability of microfrontend applications, leveraging caching, lazy loading, and dynamic module loading techniques.

Why Us

Why One X Tech for Microfrontend Development

To deliver products of the highest quality, we follow the best practices that include code review, pair programming, test-driven development, continuous integration, and automated testing.


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