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Launch of NextGEN Connect Challenge Platform at the International Maritime Organization Future of Shipping Conference 2022

The International Maritime Organization and Maritime Port Authority of Singapore collaborated with One X Tech to launch NextGEN Connect Challenge, driving sustainable shipping and decarbonization efforts in the Asia-Pacific region.
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Joel Koh

Digital Lead

Wed, 06 Apr 2022

In conjunction with the International Maritime Organization Future of Shipping Conference and Singapore Maritime Week 2022, the International Maritime Organization and Maritime Port Authority of Singapore have jointly launched the NextGEN Connect Challenge Platform powered by One X Tech.

Mr S Iswaran, Minister for Transport and Minister-in-charge of Trade Relations, kicked off the NextGEN Connect Challenge with these opening words, ā€œIt is important for public and private stakeholders to work together in a collective and inclusive manner globally to accelerate the maritime sector's transition towards a low-carbon future. NextGEN Connect serves as a collaborative platform that matches the challenges of sustainable shipping to diverse solution providers across borders and industries. The platform also shares innovative and successful projects that address common problems in shipping worldwide. In this way, no one is left behind on the access to creative sustainability solutions in achieving the goals of the Initial IMO GHG Strategyā€.

The NextGEN database currently comprises more than 500 stakeholders across the world, including IMO Member States, shipowners, technology developers, classification societies, and non-governmental organisations. It is an interactive website that currently lists more than 150 decarbonisation projects. Viewers of the website can utilise an engaging interactive map to gain insight into environment projects happening around the world. Not only will they be able to select a specific country and explore its project, but also use the thematic map feature which presents users with a comprehensive overview of each area's environmental themes.

NextGEN Connect Challenge seeks to cut greenhouse gas emissions along maritime routes in the Asia and Pacific regions by gathering original route-based action plans from various stakeholders. The entries were accepted via

Participants could learn more about the challenge statement and submitted their proposals after creating an account on the NextGEN website. The platform streamlined the submission and evaluation process, making it more efficient and fair, by asking detailed questions about their solutions, risks and challenges of their solutions and allowing them to upload supporting documents directly onto the platform. Participants could easily check the status of their proposals on their account dashboard to see if they have been shortlisted.

Mr Joel Koh, Chief Technology Officer added ā€œOne X Tech is delighted to support the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) and the International Maritime Organization in launching the NextGEN Connect Challenge and promoting inclusive maritime decarbonisation".

NextGEN connect enabled participants to join a global network of over 500 partners to showcase their projects and gain entry to events centred on inclusive maritime decarbonisation, thereby unlocking their prospects. This collaborative endeavour marks a significant turning point in the global maritime industry's digital transformation.

About One X Tech:

One X Tech is a leading technology company that focuses on building technological innovations for leading enterprises. We are on a mission to build a new digital economy by creating innovative digital solutions that put businesses at the digital frontier. One X Tech brings together an elite digital product team to create best-in-class products that scale across the world. One X Tech is based in Singapore and operates regionally in South East Asia.

About Maritime Port Authority of Singapore:

Maritime Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) is a leading maritime agency driving Singapore's global maritime aspirations. MPA was established on 2 February 1996, with the mission to develop Singapore as a premier global hub port and international maritime centre (IMC), and to advance and safeguard Singapore's strategic maritime interests.

About International Maritime Organisation:

IMO is the United Nations' specialized agency responsible for safety and security of shipping and the prevention of marine pollution by ships. With 174 Member States and three Associate Members, IMO is based in London with around 300 international staff.

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