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Tyme Digital Banking collaborates with One X Tech to redesign its digital capabilities to build up brand presence

With the collaboration between Tyme Digital Banking and One X Tech, customers worldwide can now access innovative digital banking solutions and experience exceptional services from a trusted partnership.
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Joel Koh

Digital Lead

Sun, 12 Feb 2023

Tyme Digital Banking announces a collaboration with One X Tech to redesign its digital capabilities in order to exhibit their full capabilities and worldwide presence.

The website launch is an important milestone in Tyme's digital transformation journey and demonstrates the company's commitment to delivering the best online experience for its customers and stakeholders. The new website has a clean and modern appearance, as well as a user-friendly layout that makes it easy for users to access essential information and services.

"We are thrilled to be working with Tyme on this exciting venture," says Mr Joel Koh, Chief Technology Officer of One X Tech. "Our team of experts partnered closely with Tyme to understand their needs and design a website that demonstrates the company's commitment to innovation and excellence in the digital banking market."

Users are able to access full information about the group's management team and Tyme's capabilities, as well as up-to-date press releases and news stories, via the website. Furthermore, potential employees can explore existing positions available at Tyme and apply immediately through the website, expediting both the application and hiring processes. Tyme Group's high tech and high touch brand experience website offers a one-stop destination for digital banking solutions, market offerings and career opportunities.

The website can now effectively portray the extent and breadth of Tyme Group's international reach. Customers can discover the complete range of services that this unique company provides throughout the world, through this website.

Tyme has grown to become one of the world's fastest-growing financial firms, serving over 6 million consumers across multiple countries since launching its initial digital banking business in South Africa. Tyme's new website is an important aspect of the company's digital strategy, enabling it to reach a larger audience and provide more accessible and reliable information about its services.

The website brilliantly encapsulates Tyme's mission to revolutionize financial services and create a personalized customer experience, allowing customers everywhere access to their money with trust and confidence.

About One X Tech:

One X Tech is a leading technology company that focuses on building technological innovations for leading enterprises. We are on a mission to build a new digital economy by creating innovative digital solutions that put businesses at the digital frontier. One X Tech brings together an elite digital product team to create best-in-class products that scale across the world. One X Tech is based in Singapore and operates regionally in South East Asia.

About Tyme Group:

Tyme is creating a revolutionary digital banking experience by expanding economic access across emerging markets in Asia and Africa. Fuelled by their commitment to unleash human potential, the company has partnered with local stakeholders to launch cutting-edge banks. TymeGlobal's disruptive business model integrates retailers for an unparalleled financial services solution that was previously impossible due to accessibility issues.

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