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We Design For Impact

Maximise business growth through insight driven web design. We put business first in everything we do.

We’re a Web Design Agency Based in Singapore

We adopt a scientific approach to web design. Testing and measuring for the ones that appeal and convert. Our goal is to produce research-backed solutions that help businesses grow.

What we do

Web Design with One X Tech

We help businesses design conversions for strategic goals. Taking on multi-disciplines and combine them to bring you the best of each world to enhance our services.

What We Do

Smart Businesses

What We Do

A Few of Our Work

Whether designing and developing a new application for an ambitious idea, or upgrading an existing tool, we're the right team to help.

What We Do

Our Suite of Web Design Services

To deliver products of the highest quality, we follow Extreme Programming best practices that include code review, pair programming, test-driven development, continuous integration, and automated testing. See what you get with us:

Web Design

A conversion centred approach to web design and development to maximise business growth.

Application Design

Facilitate intricate workflows and enable users to manage complex data with effective application design.

E-Commerce Design

Create e-commerce web designs that are optimised for conversions to drive sales.

Dashboard Design

Present crucial information like trends, key statistics and results in a simple and intuitive dashboard design.

Landing Page Design

Promote your business and products with impressive landing page designs.

Corporate Website Design

Generate business leads and build branding with a compelling corporate website design.

What We Do

Why One X Tech For Web Design

At One X Tech, we take a scientific approach to design, leveraging research to create intuitive user experiences that not only reinforces the brand, but also delivers the business value. Our solutions outperform conventional designs by an average of 200%.

In-depth market research to gather relevant insights
Iterative approach to web design that continuously improves the user experience
Conversion centred designs backed by research and insights
A community of professional web designers with over 10 years of experience
A full service product development from business strategy, design and to development.
Trusted by start-ups and global MNCs alike


We produce research-backed solutions that help businesses grow. Implementing designs that drive conversions is our specialty. Learn the science behind the growth we help create.

  • What is considered good web design?
  • Web designs that drive strategic business goals. We believe in optimising designs to drive conversions.

  • What is your design process like?
  • Our process is centred around an agile methodology with a focus on providing you full transparency, iterative feedback loops and fast progress.

  • Is it important to create a proof-of-concept?
  • Yes, especially for large organisations. This helps stakeholders see the vision for the finished product and the impact it will have in the customer’s world. It also builds the confidence to green-light the project forward into production.

  • What is the difference between UI/UX design?
  • User experience design is the process of enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving the usability, ease of use, and pleasure provided in the interaction between the customer and the product. On the other hand User Interface Design is responsible for the transference of a brand’s strengths and visual assets to a product’s interface as to best enhance the user’s experience.

Built on Strategy

Partnering with One X Tech

One X Tech partners with clients from startups to global MNCs to create solutions to the toughest software problems. Focusing on JavaScript as our core technology, we utilize ReactJS, React Native, NodeJS, GraphQL, and the extended JavaScript ecosystem to build web apps, mobile apps, cloud services, open source software, and more. Our approach is tailored to each product, so we will always work with your team to select the technologies best suited to your needs. We excel in web, mobile and cloud platform development and can apply our expertise to your product, no matter where it is in the product lifecycle.

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